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OS/2 is a greatly different operating system for PC (ArcaOS, eComStation, IBM OS/2 Warp)
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OS/2 news, October, 2021

2021-10-03 15:53:48 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

1) Firefox doesn't allow you visit half of web-sites, shows messages about certificates. The problem appeared in the end of september 2021, beginning of October 2021. Solution: import new certificates to your Firefox/2. ArcaNoae news

2) os2.guru opens borse to link developers and customers which need apps for OS/2. We have opened it 20 years ago, now we make new effort. If you have an order - we can publish it.

3) eCo Software: to update software for OS/2 we need 2K$ per month. Currently we don't have a sponsor or investor.

test 5

2021-09-07 00:29:57 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

test 5

OS/2 Holy cows

2020-01-16 00:29:09 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Is it normal to change the constitution? ops, what holy cow can be killed? and what cow is untouchable?

What sentence is correct when we discuss OS/2?

  • Some parts of OS/2 are untouchable and can't be replaced
  • OR any component, any feature of OS/2 can be changed? (but what we get in final? )

Holy cows of OS/2 - Pro and Contra

What is the reason to move to ArcaOS?

2020-01-03 19:51:14 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

We confirm that the users don't have discounts when migrate from eComStation to ArcaOS.

ArcaOS is better than OS/2 Warp and eComStation, because works better on modern hardware:

  • USB drivers: During installation of eCS you had many troubles: mouse and keyboard may be not available. you should reboot several times to edit config.sys, etc.

    ArcaOS includes improved USB drivers, which work much better. USB flash disks work faster. New devices are supported.

  • Refreshed User Interface: ArcaOS includes PNG Desktop and FileOpenContainer. (by default this components are not configured, you should make some efforts to use this components)
  • ArcaOS includes Firefox ?????????
  • ArcaOS includes rewritten OS loader, which fixes some problems with memory, research was started in 2005, 2008
  • New setup utilities: network, RAM-disk setup, etc.
  • Updated drivers: ACPI, Panorama,
  • To manage updates for apps ported from linux, yum/rpm is included.

The life of OS/2 can be prolonged till 2025

2019-12-14 00:43:50 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

One of the main barriers for OS/2 - support of UEFI. New computers (~ 2012) use UEFI interface instead of old BIOS. Currently major part of this computers support Legacy mode (emulation of old BIOS), but the manufacturing of such compatible computers will stop in 2020 and UEFI-only computers will flood the market. This will cut the chances of OS/2 for commercial usage and expansion because commercial solutions can be delivered with new computer only. OS/2 will support Used (preowned) computers only.

What forecast do you see for OS/2 if UEFI is implemented?

There was a report from Germany about current state of ArcaOS OS/2:

  • new loader is integrated to the installer of ArcaOS (beta version)
  • => so you can boot ArcaOS installer in UEFI mode
  • On some computers you can create the volume and use OS/2. (computers which support UEFI with boot from MBR)
  • other computers don't allow usage of MBR volumes and require GPT structure on the hard drive.
  • Some drivers should be updated (video, ..)

The Colloquium of eCo Software engineers forecasts that you will be able to use OS/2 till 2025 year.

The forecast is effective if

  • ArcaOS with support of USB 3.0 is released in 2020
  • ArcaOS with partial support of UEFI is released in 2020
  • if the problem of reduced memory is resolved. (you can use 2 Gb of RAM only of new computers)

OS/2 history

2019-12-12 01:12:52 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

What do you offer write to the history of OS/2 in 2019? http://os2.guru/history

You can value / highlight the events only after some monthes passed. What events, what releases and publications influenced on OS/2?

OS/2 and UEFI

2019-11-09 01:05:34 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

Modern OS/2 distribution ArcaOS adds support for booting via UEFI

Let's look at this video: Booting ArcaOS on UEFI hardware (demonstration) In May 2019 there was a message: Arca Noae progress report: ArcaOS on UEFI-only hardware

Arca Noae has posted a new item, 'Arca Noae progress report: ArcaOS on UEFI-only hardware'

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is gradually replacing the traditional system BIOS. The vast majority of PCs on the market are now based on UEFI technology, and a number of these include what is called a Compatibility Support Module (CSM). This CSM "layer" replaces the traditional BIOS and provides backward-compatibility support for booting operating systems [...]

You may view the latest post here: https://www.arcanoae.com/arca-noae-progress-report-arcaos-on-uefi-only-hardware/

We at Arca Noae would like to thank our development partners, bww bitwise works, GmbH and http://Netlabs.org for their continued contributions to the OS/2 platform. Monetary contributions to offset their operating costs may be made either through Arca Noae at https://www.arcanoae.com or bww bitwise works, GmbH at http://www.bitwiseworks.com.

This email was sent by Arca Noae, LLC, 7 Loudoun Street, SE, Suite 2B, Leesburg, Virginia, USA, 20175-3012. You received this email because you registered as a customer on our site. If you no longer wish to receive such messages, please reply to this email with the single line "UNSUBSCRIBE" and you will be unsubscribed from all future notifications.

ArcaOS in Russia

2019-08-03 12:54:32 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

OS2.GURU goes translate ArcaOS 5.0.4 to russian language.

Where to search for ArcaOS updates?

2019-05-04 14:36:52 -- eCo Software [os2.guru]

We are accumulating all information about OS update at this page: os2.guru/update

Here is the instruction how to update Firefox 38 ?? Firefox 45.

Switch OS/2 to your national language

2019-02-08 13:20:47 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [eCo Software]

eCo Software released LIP package Basic, it translates objects on desktop to other languages.

Download: http://os2.guru/lip

Current version contains resources for: Czech / German / Spanish / Finnish / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Norwegian / Portuguese / Russian / Swedish.

Even if you run this basic switcher, many programs start talking your language because LIP package switches LANG variable. (applications which are using ECOLANGE library and other)


Development of LIP packages:

  • New languages: you can translate desktop object names to your language,
  • If you have translated a system utility or an application, we can distribute it with LIP package among other users talking your language.

The members of eCo Software are translating OS/2 system components and applications since 90-th. We are collaborating with european OS/2 translators.

25 Years ago: IBM OS/2 Warp 3 adv

2018-12-22 15:40:32 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2world.com]

a cut from IBM presentation:

ArcaOS installation for audio player

2018-11-25 02:45:44 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

One more review about installation of ArcaOS 5.0 to use OS/2 as audio player ArcaOS installation for audio player

ArcaOS 5.0.3 now available

2018-08-25 20:03:59 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [Arca Noae]

Arca Noae is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ArcaOS 5.0.3, the third maintenance release of ArcaOS 5.0 (Blue Lion).

ArcaOS 5.0.3 is (again) the result of many hours of collaborative work to keep up-to-date and to further refine ArcaOS 5.0. Post-install fixes are included, and these will be made available for separate download as part of the ArcaOS 5.0 Support & Maintenance subscription. In the interim, a full download of the refreshed media image is required to obtain all of these fixes and updates.

ArcaOS 5.0.3 includes over 40 updates and fixes since 5.0.2. The USB stick image package (available as a separate download for ArcaOS licensees with current support and maintenance subscription) has also been updated to incorporate the latest changes in ArcaOS 5.0.3.

A bootable ArcaOS 5.0.3 USB stick may be created from any major operating system at hand (Windows, Linux, MacOS, and of course, OS/2, eComStation, and ArcaOS). Once the image is restored, eject, re-insert, and simply copy your personalized ISO (separately downloaded) to the stick per the included directions (also detailed in the ArcaOS support wiki). The stick may then be inserted into any USB 2.0-controlled port in the target system, and used to boot into the ArcaOS installer.

If everything is working in your current installation, it may be prudent to wait for the subscription content to become available, as Arca Noae has not classified any of the 5.0.3 updates as critical.

If you have experienced difficulty installing ArcaOS 5.0.2, the fixes and updates included in 5.0.3 may address your issue(s).

For a complete list of updates in this release, see the ArcaOS wiki.

To download your fresh ISO, simply visit your customer portal page, select the Orders & Subscriptions link on the navigation panel to the left, then click on the order for your ArcaOS license. Once there, click the download link to request a fresh ISO, and wait for your notification email.

You may view the latest post here: https://www.arcanoae.com/arcaos-5-0-3-now-available/

We at Arca Noae would like to thank our development partners, bww bitwise works, GmbH and Netlabs.org for their continued contributions to the OS/2 platform. Monetary contributions to offset their operating costs may be made either through Arca Noae at https://www.arcanoae.com or bww bitwise works, GmbH at http://www.bitwiseworks.com.

ArcaOS network compatibility with OS/2

2018-03-08 15:58:41 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

It's not clear, does ArcaOS work with other OS/2 computers in local network?

IBMPEERS is absent in ArcaOS. Samba client is installed instead.

We can't find information how ArcaOS computer can access disks of other OS/2 computer? (other OS/2 computer: eComStation 2.2 with IBMPEERS)

How to install IBMPEERS?

Running OS/2 apps in Linux

2018-02-23 04:01:51 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru, andy]

(Reference to os2.guru when publishing this message at other sites)

How does it influence on OS/2?

  • we migrate to Linux
  • OR code written by this developer can be ported to OS/2 one more time, to replace IBM modules.

OS/2 VOICE IRC speakup with Arca Noae

2018-02-18 15:29:47 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [os2.guru]

The 1-st irc-chat is over. Here is the log: OS/2 VOICE IRC speakup with Arca Noae, Day 1

The next irc-meeting is planned to February 25.

Do you have questions to Arca Noae? Let's collect the list.

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