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The main resource of eCo Software is the professional personnel


Konstantin Kozlov

Leading developer of PM and WPS applications. He is developing Sunny icons. Interview (rus).

  Ivan Smirnoff

eComStation desktop designer. Now he is preparing new schemes and adorning software. Personal homepage.

  Dmitry Steklenev

(AKA Glassman) - Developer of DVD/CD Toys, libraries and modules. Homepage

  Yuri Proniakin

Responsible for eComStation/Russian assembly.

Yuri Larin

Translation of eComStation to russian

  Andrey V. Vasilkin

Developer of internet applications

Designer N 3

Promo materials

  Aleksey Kozlov

Developer of eCo Market

Eugene Kazarinov

The hosting of the sites.

  Eugene Gorbunoff

New business director. He is guiding the development of multimedia applications and drivers development.

Education: MSc, Department of Applied Mathematics, St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

We are collaborating with the developers


  • Joseph Shrago (Joseph)
  • Igor Vaskov

Frozen developers:

  • Valery Gaynullin (LightElf)
  • Dmitry Frolov (froloff)
  • ntim

We recommend the specialists

We confirm high professional level of developers/designers
which were working in our team in the past:

  • Igor Vanin (St.Petersburg),
  • Andy Porodko (Cheliabinsk),
  • Artem Davidenko (Lipetsk),
  • Eugene Evstigneev (Kemerovo),
  • Eugene Romanenko (Prednistrovye),
  • Oleg Zhukov (Kiev),
  • Evgeny Kotsuba (Shatura)

We can't recommend:

  • three fired developers



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