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Toshiba USB 2.0 Hard Drive, 500 GB type PX1269E-3G50

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Toshiba USB 2.0 Hard Drive, 500 GB type PX1269E-3G50

Marca: Buono

Device manifests itself as a CDROM and a removable harddisk. The harddisk (500 GB) is initially not visible under eCS or Windows. The CDrom image (about 20 MB) contains Windows software with a password protection mechanism. By disabling the password protection (only possible under WIndows) the harddisk becomes visible under eCS. For both to become visible unde eCS you need at least in config.sys:


The CDROM image is useless under eCS. The harddisk appears to contain a single partition which is FAT32 formatted. After adding the LVM information (drive letter) it took about 15 minutes after startup before the popup with the driveletter appeared! I decided to repartition the drive - DFSee reported some free space before and after the FTA32 partition, which did not start and end on cylinder boundary too - and allocate a single JFS partition. This proved to work out well: now the drive letter popup appears about 15 seconds after plugin of the USB cable (with an already powered-on disk). NB The CDROM image is apparently not touched by the repartiotioning!

I didn't do any performance runs yet, but I have the impression that copying large files to this USB harddisk is of about the same speed as to a (3 year old) 80 GB PATA disk.


Queste informazioni sono state inviate da: Rob Hamerling -- 2007-12-21 22:09:45