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SimpleTech SimpleShare 500GB Network Access Storage device

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SimpleTech SimpleShare 500GB Network Access Storage device

Marca: Buono

I just bought a SimpleShare 500GB Network Access Storage device from buy.com when it was on sale for $139.95 with free shipping. I was a bit hesitant as to whether it will work with eComStation, but the price was about what I would pay just for a drive of that size. It works great so far and was pretty easy to set up. Unlike some other NAS devices this drive can only be accessed over a network. It lacks a USB or Firewire interface. But I suppose that is why it is priced considerably less then other comparable devices.

Of course it includes software for windoze and Mac, but you don't need it to configure the device. All I had to do was connect it to my Netgear WGT624 wireless router. The device used DHCP to get an IP address, which I was able to learn by accessing my Netgear server with FireFox and finding the attached devices which was conveniently named "SimpleShare" so I could easily find the IP address. I could then access the SimpleShare's internal web server, again via FireFox, and using the advanced configuration, configure it with a static IP address and change the password and the Workgroup name to IBMPEERS. The initial setup wizard item didn't work in eCS but the advanced configuration worked fine for everything I tried. It has the ability to access the device remotely, but I haven't managed to turn that on yet.

It comes with a WDC WD5000AAJB-00UHA0 500GB EIDE drive defined as an entire single network share. I had checked previously with SimpleShare support and found out that the internal drive is formated ReiserFS so this is a Linux device. There are 2 USB ports on the back. SimpleShare support told me that only those formatted FAT32 or NTFS (Read only) are supported. I'm not sure if that just means official support, or if the device will also use a drive formatted JFS or ReiserFS as well. I'm not a big fan of FAT32. The web browser UI allows you to do some basic drive configuration (you can reformat the drive) and drive status checking and testing. You can also attach and configure a USB printer for network printing.

I was then able to use the command line "Net view" or the eCS "File and Print Client Resource Browser" to find the \\SImpleShare server and then I used "Net Use V: \\SimpleShare\Netfolder" to mount the drive as drive V:. I'm copying files to it as I type and so far only one file failed with an "Incorrect internal file identifier" error.

So far the only issue is that the metal case gets very warm but its not uncomfortable to touch. SimpleShare claims this is normal as the device is fanless and the case acts as a heat sink to cool the drive. The case also vibrates a little but its very quiet.

All in all for the price, 500GB of network storage that can be easily accessed/configured by both my eCS machines and my Macs, I think its a pretty good deal. I'm sure it works equally as well with Linux, though weirdly enough that OS isn't listed as supported. I still need to try adding USB drives, especially ones formatted something other than FAT32.


Queste informazioni sono state inviate da: Mark Dodel -- 2007-08-13 10:37:53



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